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What's an Portuguese L.D.A?

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What's an portuguese L.D.A?

What's an portuguese L.D.A?



Establishment an l.d.a in Portugal

An Portuguese L.D.A is a limited liability company in Portugal, also known as "Quota". It is the corporate structure type in Portugal the most commonly used, especially for small and medium enterprises.

What is the minimum Share Capital of an L.D.A Enterprise?

An L.D.A Portuguese must have a minimum share capital of 1 Euro and it are advised to deposit a minimum capital of 2,000 Euro, in order to give credibility to the structure. This capital is divided into shares, and the minimum value of each share is 100 Euro.

How many shareholders are needed for an L.D.A Enterprise?

An limited liability enterprise Portuguese, can be created by at least two shareholders, irrespective of his nationality or his residence. If only one founder decided to create a company, the structure is called "quotas Sociedade Unipessoal" or "SUQ". Shareholders are responsible only to the amount of their contributions.

Which is the structure of management of an L.D.A enterprise?

The Company law in Portugal makes no mention to the requirement to form a Management Board for a Portuguese LDA. The role of management can be filled by a Director General who is appointed by the shareholders, and it can act in the name of the company and make decisions for the interests of the society. The Director cannot however take all the decisions so a general assembly should be organized from time to time

Are there any others requirements for an L.D.A in portugal?

The name for a limited liability enterprise in Portugal should contain the term Limitada or at least the letters LDA. Foreign investors can appoint a legal representative by proxy to deal with the Company registration in Portugal.
For more details of the characteristics of a Portuguese Lda Enterprise, contact with us.

Why to create a Portuguese enterprise (L.D.A)?

Why to create a Portuguese enterprise (L.D.A)?

Portugal offer different benefits:

Portugal offer different benefits:

  • Seen his strategic geographical situation
  • His workforce: it is cheap and qualified
  • His advantageous fiscal system
  • Many aid to foreign investment
  • An important growth potential

The Portuguese State, offer now attractive conditions to all the companies who have an investment project to attract them in Portugal:  Low salaries, logistics, growth markets (gateway for Portuguese speaking countries*) , technical competent, State subventions…  


  • Financial aid : Repayable aid  interest-free and/or subsidies according to the nature of the project
  • Tax Advantages: Tax credit on companies (IRC) and exemption from property tax (IMI), and transmission costs (IMT)
  • Aids to Job creation (professional internships, tax exemption for the Social Security and financial aids for the salaries)
  • Aids to Professional formation (Subsidies)
  • Financial and Tax aids for the Research and Development

 (*) Countries whose language spoken is Portuguese

What are the advantages of an L.D.A?

What are the advantages of an L.D.A?

Minimum wage of an Employee

  • The Portuguese scheme from the “not-usual residents” provides the application of a single rate tax of 23,5% (since 1 January 2014) in return for exercises of high-value added activities, employed or not, scientific or technical.
  • The minimum wage of an employed is fixed of 589,17 Euro per month (Jan. 2015) – Source: Eurostat.
  • Payroll taxes (Social Security) employer's share (23.75%), wage share (11%)
    Legal working time: 39 hours


  • Number of Vacations days paid : 22 opened days per year, 3 days supplementary in case of assiduously (if there wasn't unjustified absence).
  • The average wage: Average wage brut monthly for Men’s : 1.138 Eur (Source: OIT, 2009).
  • The average wage brut monthly for Women’s: 899 Eur (Source: OIT 2009).

For more information: Take contact with us via the contact formulary ⊗

For more information: Take contact with us via the contact formulary.