We are a specialized team from over 10 Years in the automotive sector. We have a prepared Team to purchase the vehicle that has you interested serched at Internet.

Dea Society Lda is a family business, and where each of the members of our Team gets the Job working to meet the target of our customers.

We work with complete transparency, we respect always the privacy of our customers. we adapt to each client in their way of working, we maintain privacy with each of them and we try to assist in every possible way, to any problems that can may arise.

We always take a decision, with the approval and customer acceptance. We reply to the criteria of our customers. We will share our ideas with our customers to provide assistance if the client needed.

Both for our customers and for us it is very important as the manner and the way we work, so our services and how we work is in a familiar environment with an unbeatable atmosphere. We are always available to the customer when he needs it, always respecting our Working hours applied.